Why Am I Bad At Online Dating

Why Am I Bad At Online Dating

So you’re online and sending out a ton of messages to every person that you think is cute and could be Mr. or Mrs. Right yet you never get a single response back.  It’s time to take a good hard look at your profile and also the kind of messages you are sending out. Below we’ve listed some tips to help you get more responses.


Your Profile Needs Work – Did you put time into your profile? Did you even write one? People who are seriously looking for a match online have spent time writing their profile and they want you to be serious about yours. If you don’t even make a solid effort and attempt to complete your profile it’s the same as applying for a job without a resume, we know you’re interested but we want to know if you’re qualified.  So fill out that profile, and see if you get more replies.


Your Profile Picture – Sometimes what you think is a good picture might not be.  As a rule of thumb you want to have a selection of photos that show you in the best light.  Make sure you have a great headshot photo one that you would use for a professional site like LinkedIn.  Next make sure you have a full body shot, this isn’t crude it’s just to advertise the package so people know 100% what they are getting.  Most people don’t have a problem with a package advertised as what it is, but they do have a problem with false advertising.  Finally throw in a mix of family photos, friends, and any hobbies that you enjoy.


Read The Profile – If you just message with a “hi” or a “hey what’s up” you’re already sunk. Yes, we know it is frustrating to craft responses to each profile especially when you’re not sure you’re going to get any responses back, but the alternative is even worse.  Read the profile, do you have anything in common with the person you’re messaging? Are you intrigued by something in their profile,  go ahead ask them about it.  An honest message to the right match will be well received.


Taking Too Long To Respond – You messaged and you got one message back, but you were busy and you didn’t reply to that message till 5 days later.  This signals that you’re not serious about finding someone and the person receiving your message 5 days later might not think you’re serious at all.  Don’t blow a good opportunity by not replying, online dating is serious business especially if you are truly looking for your match.


Finally, I know what you’re saying.  You think you shouldn’t have to “play games” and should just be able to be yourself.  Problem is the other person doesn’t know you yet, so they don’t have much to go on.  Help them give you the benefit of the doubt by presenting yourself professionally online and be courteous to those you message.


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