How To Spend Valentine’s Day

How To Spend Valentine’s Day

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So the big V is coming up, and depending on your situation in life you’re either thrilled and can’t wait, dreading the day, or couldn’t be more indifferent. No matter what you think of Valentine’s Day you can actually use this day for good not evil, and make it an eventful and meaningful one. Below we’ve listed a V-day game plan for anyone and everyone and depending on if you’re single, coupled, or don’t care we have a strategy for you.



Yep, we know what it likes to be single on Valentine’s Day.  All of your other single girlfriends are either trying to act like it’s a stupid holiday anyways (though secretly they are seething inside) or they try to make it a day to be with the girls and go looking for boys. One thing I can tell you trying to find someone on Valentine’s Day is like getting drunk and then trying to drive, you might be able to do it but it’s not a good idea (plus drinking and driving is illegal).


So here’s a great day to get yourself in a good mood because as they say you can’t love others until you love yourself. Why not make it a day full of pampering, followed by a great movie, followed by a great dinner with your girlfriends. Now that’s a day that a lot of your married friends can be jealous of (especially if their husbands or boyfriends forgot to plan something romantic).


Otherwise I always suggest this is a great day to get together a dating plan. Look into why you are single and why you want a relationship, what will it give you? I also encourage singles to take this day to maybe read some great relationship books to gain a different perspective. Here at Toronto Wingwoman we’ve done plenty of consultations with singles to really get to the root cause of their single symptoms and we’ve helped them find dating success.



You are part of a couple, you have someone on your side, great! This holiday can be a scary landmine for men who are either newly coupled up or have been with the same partner for a while. If he’s newly coupled up and you haven’t talked about the big day he might not be sure what you’re looking for leaving you disappointed. So take the time to have a conversation, think about what would be romantic and then let him know. If you’re reading this thinking you shouldn’t have to tell men to be romantic that would be great, but sometimes you do. It’s the difference between having a great day to remember and not having it.


If you’re part of a couple for a while now you might have run out of romantic things to do, this is where I say go back to the beginning. Where did you have your first date? Do you remember the first movie you watched together? Where were you when you first said “I Love You”? Recreating great memories continues to foster a strong bond and helps you reconnect with love in this crazy busy universe.




It’s another made-up holiday to force people to spend money. Okay negative Nelly we hear ya, but how about we rename it to Self-Improvement Day for you. Take a day out of your busy schedule to focus on you because after all the best kind of love is the love you give yourself. Go to the gym if you haven’t been for a while, start writing that great novel you always talk about. Do anything that is good for you and makes you feel good. Find things you’ve been neglecting to do for yourself and start them (maybe even your taxes).


So there’s good news and bad news. With the continued commercial success of Valentine’s Day it isn’t going away anytime soon, but like most things in life if you can frame the scenario in a way that fits into your lifestyle, you can actually look forward to the day and create one that is memorable and exactly what you’re look for.

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