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Below is a list of our most popular programs to date, if you’re interested in learning more contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you!


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Online Dating Course

This program is geared to help you learn how to be successful at online dating. We teach you how to setup your profile for maximum views, what to write in your description, and how to connect with people online to get to that first date.


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Dating Confidence Course

Let’s be serious, dating is scary! It’s not easy to approach people with ease to ask for dates, let us help. This course is aimed to get your confidence up so you can ask for and go on dates with ease and confidence.


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Dating The Divorced Man

Having a second go at love can be tough for some. Divorced men shouldn’t be avoided when on your dating journey, but they do require a bit of extra care. Dating someone that is divorced can come with some baggage. Whether it’s kids, an ex-wife, or something else entirely we help navigate this with you.

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