Why You Need To Take An Online Dating Course

Why You Need To Take An Online Dating Course

It’s funny, in general we’ll pay to learn a new skill if we truly believe it will benefit us. If we want to start a business we’ll pay someone to teach us. If we want to learn how to market our business better, we’ll pay to learn digital marketing. Yet when it comes to dating this is a skill many of us think we should naturally already know. But why is that? Usually you pay someone to teach you how to do something effectively because they are already successful at it. If you haven’t dated a lot in the past, or if you haven’t been successful at it why wouldn’t you want someone to teach you how to date better especially through an online course.


Below, we’ve listed the top reasons why our clients come to us first to learn how to date better in this digital age, take a look and see if you can relate:


Online Dating Sucks – We hear this from every single single person whose been unsuccessful dating online or has never tried it. Magically, after working with us they find that they’re online dating skills improve and they meet great people. What people fail to realize is online dating isn’t the enemy, but not understanding how to go about dating properly online and having a proper strategy is your downfall. If you’re ready to up your online dating game or want to start one, let us help guide you.


I’m Not Good At Meeting New People – Want to know a secret? Most people aren’t good at meeting new people. Unless you’re used to meeting strangers on a regular basis, why would you be good at it? Our online dating course comes with access to a dating coach who can help you gain more confidence to put yourself out there online to meet more people offline. Unfortunately, the only way to get better at anything is to put yourself out there and try. We can help you avoid the major mistakes people make online, and in the meantime we’ll show you how to use your personality to help pull people to your online dating profile.


I Don’t Know What To Say In My Online Dating Profile – Yep, you and just about everyone else out there. I’m sure by now you know the basics, for men don’t do the shirtless selfie in the mirror and for women try to avoid the duck-faced selfie, but that’s just the start. Our dating coaches have Skype one-on-one sessions with you to learn more about who you are at your core, and what you need in a dating or relationship situation. After your consultation, we write out three distinct but unique profiles to help you emphasize different parts of your online personality. We do this so you can try out different well-written proper profile descriptions to see what kind of responses you receive (after all dating is essentially marketing yourself effectively so why not view it as that with some effective A/B testing).


I Don’t Know What I’m Looking For – Yep, you and just about everyone else out there. During those Skype consultations our experienced dating coaches also suggest relevant profile “types”. Let’s face it we all have a type we think we connect with, but have you truly opened yourself up to date outside of type or outside of your comfort zone? How we do this is not by sheer luck, instead we rely on our experience. We counsel many people and by working with a lot of different people we’re able to spot patterns in mindset to help you get over your dating downfalls that you might not even know are in your way stopping you from finding dating success.


I’m Scared To Put Myself Out There – Yes, dating is scary we know this. But we’re here to help make it a little easier. You have to put in the work, but we’re here to guide you with exercises, action-plans, and support coaching to make sure you achieve your dating goals.


Interesting in finding out if our online dating course is a fit for you?

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