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Don’t have the time to spend fishing for yourself, let us do it for you! We have great people in our networks. Now, I’m sure you hear the same line everytime, but we are truly different, how? Because we don’t go out scouring the city for single professionals, they come to us. They meet us, like us, and then ask if we know anyone that’s a good match for them. We take our time doing this, and won’t rush the process. So if you ask if you’re a good match for someone in our client base we won’t lie to you, and if we don’t have someone good just yet, well have patience because you’re only a short time away from us meeting the perfect match for you.

Here’s a couple ways we can help you find your match:

Mixers – Toronto Wingwoman keeps a roster of single professionals in our network. Through extensive discussions, online questionnaires, and data review we really get to know our clientele. We then will pair men and women together in a group setting where we have personally chosen individuals to bond over a shared fun activity (that we also plan). This service is exclusive and members must apply and be accepted to be a part of the Toronto Wingwoman mixer roster.

One-on-one Matchmaking – If you are really looking for the one let Toronto Wingwoman help. We’re always at networking events, exclusive parties in the city, and other social settings to help find new singles.  We vet our singles to make sure we understand them and their intent towards dating and relationships. This process takes time but we will not set you up with someone we wouldn’t let our best friend date.

Ready to get off Match and let yourself be matched?

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