Make This Year The One You Find Your Perfect Match

Make This Year The One You Find Your Perfect Match

2016So 2015 is almost gone and we’re gearing up for the New Year. With the New Year comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. Most likely if you’re single and would like to be in a relationship this is a goal of yours for 2016. The problem is you might not know exactly how to make it happen to find your next boyfriend or girlfriend. Or you might have had this same goal for three years in a row now only to end each year off single when you don’t want to be. Below we’ve given you some ideas to help you change your way of thinking of relationships so that you can find the relationship that is a true fit for you this year.


Stop Making The Relationship The Goal – I know this can be kinda funny to say since this post is about finding a relationship, however, when you are constantly thinking about wanting a relationship and obsessing over the results, this is likely a reason why you aren’t getting into one. Look at it this way, when you have any sort of problem in your life how many times did stressing and worrying about the problem solve it, not very likely. More than likely the moment you decided to focus on other things in your life a solution came to you seemingly out of no where. So this year focus on making yourself happy and creating the life you want to have. When you do this you can’t help but attract happy people into your life and these people can turn into great matches for you to potentially start a relationship with.


Foster The Traits You Want In A Partner In Yourself – So do you want someone that goes to the gym regularly, has a great job they love, and has a great network of family and friends. Sure, we all want that but do you have these things in your life as well? Do you go to the gym regularly, take the time to focus on your job or finding one that makes you happy? Do you connect with friends and family often or find places and ways to make new friends? If you don’t do these things in your life it can be hard to expect to find someone who has these things in theirs. The idea of opposites attracting can be true but we all know that most relationships start with common values. So take the time to figure out the values that are important to you in a partner, and apply these to your life first to make sure you’re living them as well.


Try Something New – The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. So you’ve tried online dating and you say it didn’t work for you. Well, just signing up again using the same profile photo and description and connecting with users online in the same way you have before isn’t going to help you as you’re not doing anything different. Make sure to revamp your online persona. Ask friends of the sex you’re attracted to to help you. If you want to find a good man get a good male friend to look over your profile to give you an honest critique as to why it might not be signalling good vibes. Also don’t forget that we have a great big world out there. There are a ton of great things happening all around us in the city, and you just need to make one different action to get a different result. Who knows the next love of your life could be waiting behind you in line at your next concert.


These are just a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling to help make this the year to end your single dry spell. If you are looking for more professional consulting services you can always contact us here here.

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