How To Meet Someone Special on Halloween

How To Meet Someone Special on Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and while most singles can dread the day of the dead as couples are out in full force wearing their matching costumes, singles can actually use this holiday as a way to meet someone great (just think of the story you’ll tell the grandkids!).


Below are some ways you can use Halloween to your advantage and land a date by the end of the night:


Dress Up Appropriately – Sure, if you want to attract someone for the night (no judgement) you can put on that sexy cat outfit.  However, you don’t need to dress so provocatively, and you can still be sexy.  Try to be original and think of your interests then think of a costume accordingly.  If you love comics dress as your favorite character, if you’re into comedy see if you can find a funny costume.  The objective here is to use the opportunity to attract someone to you who you already have something in common with.  If someone at a party guesses your costume correctly without you having to tell them and they can appreciate it this is a good place to start a conversation.


Where To Go – Bars will be abound with single people looking to meet others.  Try to go to bars that are around a district or area.  If you’re looking for financial types hit up the financial district, if you’re looking for someone more creative hit up the artsy area near you.  Halloween has gotten bigger and better ever single year with more niche events for everyone to enjoy.  I’ve seen parties specifically for entrepreneurs, comic fans, art enthusiasts, etc.  If you go somewhere that you’re generally interested in being because you like the vibe of the location chances are you’ll click with whoever is there as well.


How To Connect – Now that you’re looking good and have found a great venue with lots of potentials, it’s time to use your time wisely.  If you’re really looking to connect with someone of substance you can still have fun, but you should be using the night somewhat strategically. Don’t show up too late otherwise the best prospects might already be taken and talking with someone else.  Scan the room once you get there and look for those with costumes that you like and think are cool.  Never be afraid to strike up a conversation because this is what Halloween is for! The great thing is you have an opening line to talk to anyone, you can ask them about Halloween and their costume. Try asking more open questions like why did someone pick that costume, or how did they make it or put it together (if it looks like they put some work into it).  Have a five to ten minute conversation with several people, and then if you find someone you like spend the rest of the night getting to know them.  Don’t forget to ask for a phone number and plan a date (women you can ask guys out as well we’re allowed now, and if you don’t another confident lady just might).


Halloween can be a great opportunity to meet someone if used wisely. Be sure to use this night as a way to help meet more people and potentially land a great date, because dating is a numbers game and the more places where you are exposed to great singles the better the opportunity to meet someone who would be a great fit for you.

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