How To Find Love This Holiday Season

How To Find Love This Holiday Season

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Black Friday deals are almost here which means we’re on the roller coaster known as the holiday season. If you’re single this holiday season it might be a difficult time for you as you perceive everyone else in happy “coupledom”. The good news is your perception is not always reality and a ton of great single people are out there prime for the picking. The holiday season actually can be one of the best times of year to score a date with someone really special and we’ll tell you how you can use the holiday season to do exactly that.


Get Online…No Seriously Do It – This is the time to get online dating. If you say you’ve been online forever and you’re not meeting anyone then honestly you’re doing it wrong. The holidays are a time when work can slow down a little for people and we start to think more about our lives and where we are at and what we want. This means more people end up joining online dating sites. So take this time to revamp your profile ask a trusted friend what they would improve upon in regard to your profile and then update photos, description, interests, etc. By being as specific as you can online about what you’re looking for and who you are you should attract people looking for similar things out of life. Also be sure to go online at least 1 hour every evening and send out at least 10 well crafted messages to online members.


Get Offline – Parties and events will be everywhere during the holiday season so get out and circulate. Finding a partner in life is not unlike being a salesperson knowing the perfect client you want. So if you’re too shy to go to events and aren’t sure how to start conversations, read books on networking and sales. The idea is to go to these events with an open mind and speak to as many different people as possible to see who might want your product, which is YOU! As the saying goes in sales same is true in love and it is a numbers game. The more people you speak with the more likelihood you’ll find someone whose a great fit for you, but you’ll never know until you get out of your PJ’s and put on that party outfit.


Ask Friends – So the holiday season is great because it is a time when people are in a very giving mood. This is great because someone might “give” you the contact info to one of their awesome amazing friends whom they think you’d be perfect with, but you need to be open to this and even open to asking for this. Though you might look at your best friend with her boyfriend or husband and think, “how did she get so lucky” you actually should be thinking “how did I get so lucky” as her man might be the key to helping you land a great date. Be brave be bold and ask him if he knows any single friends you would fit with. It’s not that people don’t want to set you up with their single friends, a lot of people just don’t think of it, and when we finally ask them it’s like a “eureka” moment when they think of how many amazing people they know for you.


The holidays can be wonderful or horrible depending on your outlook. However, if you plan to have fun this holiday season just being yourself, and employ the tips above you’ll be in a much better position to start of 2016 with a great new partner by your side.

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