Where To Get Proper Dating Advice

Where To Get Proper Dating Advice

Everyone and their mom claim to have the best relationship advice out there. From the single girlfriend who’s never been in a long-term relationship, to your divorced aunt who swears she’ll never marry again. The problem is who do you listen to?

Toronto Wingwoman was recently interviewed by the website DatingAdvice.com. Discussing with the people at DatingAdvice.com made us think about dating information sites, the kind that give you advice about dating and help to manage all the dating information out there. As a single or a newly formed couple it can be tough to know all the “rules” to dating, and just when you think you might have it down pat – things can change once again. So for peace of mind we’ve listed below a few tips you can use to evaluate dating information websites to be able to ensure the information you’re receiving is helpful for you.

Relevant – A good dating information website updates their site regularly. Most blogs do this once a week or month depending on other business activities going on. However, if you can find a website that is updating daily it means they’re serious about dating. Good websites on the subject of dating are always out there doing the research and bringing you the newest topics and experts that you should be aware of to help you with your love life.

Expert Advice – What makes an expert? Well, lots of things. They might have education in the subject matter, or experience or both. When evaluating a dating information website you want to make sure that the dating advice included is given by experts who are out there coaching others regularly and bringing back what they learned to help you. Experts know that dating isn’t the same as it once was and like other industries where trends have influence, dating experts know that trends affect the world of dating and relationships so they’re constantly connecting with those who are dating regularly to stay on top of it all.

Different Viewpoints – Look for websites where there are many different dating viewpoints expressed. You don’t just want dating articles, tips, and advice from one person. Instead it’s better to read a variety of viewpoints and authorship articles detailing different experiences with regard to dating. Though you might not think the advice is directly applicable to you at the moment, sometimes reading a different viewpoint you might not have thought of before or considered can be the missing peace to help out of a dating or relationship dilemma. It never hurts to learn something new from someone else and try it out for yourself to see if it works for you.

If you want to learn more about DatingAdvice.com or read our interview with them you can do so here.

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