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So you’re not really sure what do to when it comes to dating? You don’t know what you’re doing right, but you’re sure as hell that you’re probably doing it wrong. Good news! We can help.  Our dating consultants have seen it all, and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. We’ll let you know what you might be doing that isn’t putting your best foot forward (or maybe putting it in your mouth) and we’ll help you get better at dating in person and online.


Dating/Relationship Coaching – Have you been single for a while now? Not sure why you can’t find your match?  Toronto Wingwoman works with many people to help them answer these questions. Through video chat sessions, Toronto Wingwoman will honesty help you evaluate your past dating experiences and figure out what exactly you want and need. Working with you we find out what barriers might be in place that are stopping you from finding love.

Mock Dates – Toronto Wingwoman offers coaching sessions including mock dates.  Do you ever wonder why you have no problem getting a first date, but can’t land the second one? Let Toronto Wingwoman work with you to help you land more dates so YOU can decide who would be the right fit for you.


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