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Lots of people have trouble dating because in all honesty they don’t know what they’re looking for. Or they think they do, but don’t. We’ve consulted with hundreds of clients and have developed a data-centric questionnaire that asks you the right questions to really understand who you are, what you’re looking for, and who would fit into your life best.




We’ve been there and have done that.  All of our Toronto Wingwoman are familiar with 2 things, the Toronto landscape and dating. We have tried every way to date possible including; online, blind dates, speed dating, mixers, networking and business events, social media, etc.  Our Man Woman Businessman Businesswoman Shaking Handsconsultants at their core are researchers and readers constantly increasing their knowledge in the arena of dating and relationships.

Also all of our consultants are in successful relationships of their own. So their personal experience gives you the benefit of knowing you’re working with someone who has already navigated the dating waters for you and has found love.



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