Can You Use LinkedIn To Find A Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

Can You Use LinkedIn To Find A Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

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Yes, you can! With advancements in online dating over the last few years including dating sites teaming with your social networks to match you up with those in your friends network, we thought it might be nifty to let you in on a little secret, you too can use social media to your advantage when dating. So read on social media trail blazer and tap the hidden market of online dating using your online social outlets.


Know What You Want – Using social media to help you land a date shouldn’t be taken lightly. Social media enhances the already small world we already live in. So be ready and know if you use social media to find your next date and it doesn’t go particularly well, you still might have to see this person at your friend’s wedding. Now, make a list of what you want in a person and a relationship.  As we’ve said before this exercise can be made easier when you work with friends and family to help you as they can curate a great list of qualities and attributes that would fit with you and your lifestyle. This list is absolutely essential as it is like a business plan for your love life.  You know what you want and what you think it should look like. Then when you’re out on dates you can use the list to gauge how it’s going, and also refine the list if you find you got what you want, but realize it might not be a good fit.


Take Social Stock – look at all the social media outlets that you currently use. Then see if anyone has been particularly generous with their likes or comments for pictures or posts.  Start here and see if any of these individuals strike your fancy.  If you’re using Facebook or LinkedIn you can obviously use the opportunity to connect with the mutual friends you both know and inquire into your prospect as a potential date, see what they say. Chances are if someone is constantly commenting on your social media they at least have some interest in getting to know you, so see where it goes.


Start The Conversation – Okay so now it’s time to be bold you can start the conversation online.  As mentioned before if you’re getting a lot of likes or comments from someone how about directly responding to these comments.  Or better yet, read some posts yourself and see if you like them, and then you can start to write some comments directly to your potential love interest yourself.  The objective here is to get the conversation going.  So if someone posts a great article on LinkedIn about how travelling can change lives see if you can respond asking them some great questions about travelling.


Do Some Digging – See if you can find out during these initial conversations or through your social digging if you’re interest is single.  If you see them with the same person in multiple photos chances are they are attached, move on.  But if you think they might be single you can always do a safe inquiry by asking them something about a boyfriend or girlfriend in their lives such as, “your girlfriend must have hated it when you went travelling for 3 months”.  This way this will also signal your interest to them. If they are single and are interested it gives them more confidence to start to pursue you. If they are attached they’ll let you know and you can continue the conversation but steer it to friendship, you never know this new friend might potentially lead you to the love of your life.


Get The Date – So you’ve been chatting online and your target is single, now is the time to be bold, go out on that date. The good thing is chances are you’ve already learned a lot about the person through their social media, the mutual friends you have in common, and the conversations online you’ve had. So it’ll probably be a good first date where you’ll have a lot to talk about.


This might seem like a lot of work, but in the end it’s worth it. Like everything else in life if it’s worth having it’s worth working for. If you find you need more direction or would like Toronto Wingwoman’s help you to strategize your best next date move contact us here.

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