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Let’s face it dating is tough. Stories of meeting your wife or husband on a crowded train or bus, at work, or through friends is not the norm anymore. Instead we spend time on dating websites swiping left and right hoping to make that love connection.

Why is this happening?

Number one, we work longer than we have before, and we have more responsibilities personally and professionally than ever before. Also we don’t know how to date anymore.

That’s right, you could be the one standing in the way of your dating and relationship goals by not recognizing what you need in a relationship. Choosing to look for what you want instead (which isn’t always the best idea, you’re still single right?).

Our site is for dating in a different way, a smarter way. We get to know you and we use our insights and data obtained on location-based dating to help you define better dating prospects and put your best foot forward when meeting new people.

Our consultants are certified dating coaches and matchmakers. TWW is the answer to the dating dilemmas faced by smart professionals, who just aren’t dating in the smartest way possible.

If you’re tired of wasting time and would like to learn more start by filling out our questionnaire here.

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