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Toronto Wingwoman is a dating consultancy helping professionals date smart in the digital age. We work to eliminate the time waste and help our clients meet their dating goals in less time.

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So, what can we help you with?

Here’s how we can help with that!

  • We understand dating isn’t a born skill but it can be taught and we can help with that

  • We know that just because you might not make the best first impression doesn’t mean you’re dating inept – it just means you need to learn to make a better first impression

  • We know that there is someone out there for everyone, seriously there is a right fit for you

  • We have experience navigating the dating terrain and can be your tour guide

What’s the best way to get started?


I liked how the Toronto Wingwoman consultants took time to get to know me, and what I was really looking for – they care it’s nice.


I thought the site was aimed at only helping guys, but the program was about learning about you, and your dating needs it helped me a lot.


Working for almost 80 hours a week can be a real social killer, TWW helped me learn to date in my time span, it was really eye-opening.


So, what else?

Well there’s a few options you can choose from here. You can learn more About Us. You can find out more about our Services. Or you can Contact Us with any questions you have.